ProTools / Logic Multi-track Recording

ProTools / Logic Mixing

Multi-track Editing – Drum Timing, Vocal Tuning

Drum Sample Replacement

Guitar Re-Amping

Audio Rendering/Stem Bouncing/DAW Transfers (Logic <> ProTools)

Acoustic drum parts can be written, arranged and recorded upon request (please email for more information)


Please email for more information


Although I mostly choose to work out of Metway Studios in Brighton, I have a studio setup and collection of gear that facilitates excellent results:


Mobile ProTools / Logic Pro Editing & Mixing Setup incl. Waves, FabFilter, Massey, UAD, Soundtoys and Celemony Melodyne Editor Plug-Ins

Static ProTools / Logic Pro Editing & Mixing Setup incl. Waves, FabFilter, Massey, UAD, Soundtoys and Celemony Melodyne Editor Plug-Ins


Universal Audio Apollo 8 Thunderbolt A/D D/A

VintageMaker 8 x 2 Passive Summing Mixer


Unity Audio ‘The Rock’ MkIII Monitors

Genelec M030 Monitors

Creative Inspire T10 Computer Speakers

2400 Audio Imperium Monitor Controller


2 x Warm Audio WA76 Compressors

2 x Vintech Audio X73i PreAmps/EQs

API 5500 Stereo EQ

TK Audio BC1-S Stereo Bus Compressor


2 x Neumann TLM107 Condenser Microphones

2 x Oktava MK-012 Matched Pair Condenser Microphones

Sontronics DM-1B Condenser Microphone

Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone

Shure Beta 52A Dynamic Microphone

Beyerdynamic M 201 TG Dynamic Microphone

2 x Beyerdynamic M 88 TG Dynamic Microphones

2 x Sennheiser E604 Dynamic Microphones

Golden Age Projects R2 Ribbon Microphone


2 x Ultimate Support MC125 Heavy Duty Microphone Stands

Presonus Faderport V2 Control Surface

Stedman ProScreen XL Pop Filter

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL2

Klark Teknik CM-1

Radial ProRMP Re-Amping Box

Two Notes Torpedo Captor 8 (Load Box, Attenuator and Amp DI)

Adam Hall PCL10 Power Conditioner

ddrum Acoustic Pro Triggers

Carl Martin Headroom Spring Reverb

Seymour Duncan SFX-01 Pickup Booster Pedal

Nobels ODR-Mini Natural Overdrive Pedal

Boss SL-20 Slicer Pedal

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal

Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive Pedal

Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver Di

Tech 21 SansAmp Liverpool Amp Sim

Tech 21 SansAmp Blonde Amp Sim

Novation Launchkey49 Controller

Instruments & Backline:

Marshall Origin 20H Valve Guitar Amplifier Head

Fender Lite Ash Custom Telecaster

Korg Volca Beats Analogue Drum Machine

Korg Volca Bass Analogue Bass Synthesiser

1965 Ludwig Superclassic 13/16/22 Drum Kit

Ludwig Black Beauty 14 x 5″ Snare Drum

Pearl Masterworks 14 x 6.5″ Snare Drum

Mapex Black Panther Walnut 14 x 6.5″ Snare Drum

Premier Steel 14 x 6.5″ Snare Drum

Zildjian K Custom Cymbals

Discography & Industry Credits

Album Art Backdrop

A=Assistant Engineer, E=Engineer, P=Producer, M=Mixer, MST=Mastering

2002 – Orbital “Technologicque Park” (XXX Original Soundtrack) – A

2003 – Asian Dub Foundation “Enemy Of The Enemy” LP (Rinse It Out) – A

2003 – The Electric Soft Parade “The American Adventure” LP (Sony BMG) – A

2003 – Imitation Electric Piano “Trinity Neon” LP (Duophonic) – A

2004 – Clearlake “Cedars” LP (Domino) – E

2006 – 12 Stone Toddler “Does It Scare You?” LP (Amazon Records) – A

2006 – Clearlake “Amber” LP (Domino) – Digital Audio Editor

2007 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2008 – Levellers “Letters From The Underground” LP (On The Fiddle Recordings) – E

2008 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2008 – Teasing Lulu “Black Summer” LP (Easy Action Records/Snapper) – E/M

2009 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2010 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2010 – Mark Chadwick “All The Pieces” LP (On The Fiddle Recordings) – E

2011 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2011 – Levellers “Static On The Airwaves” LP (On The Fiddle Recordings) – E

2012 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2012 – Fleur De Paris “Fleur De Paris” LP (Independent) – E/M/MST

2013 – The Dials “The Show At The End Of The Pier” LP (Independent) – E/M

2013 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2013 – Sam Kelly “Your Way Home” EP – E/P/M

2014 – Wildflowers “Let It Go” EP – E/M

2014 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2014 – Stark “Stories From The Ground” EP – E

2014 – Levellers feat. Imelda May “Beautiful Day” (On The Fiddle Recordings) – E

2014 – Levellers feat. Billy Bragg “Hope Street” (On The Fiddle Recordings) – E

2014 – Levellers feat. Bellowhead “Just The One” (On The Fiddle Recordings) – E

2014 – Levellers feat. Frank Turner “Julie” (On The Fiddle Recordings) – E

2015 – Sam Kelly “Spokes” EP – E

2015 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2015 – Wildflowers “On The Inside” LP (Original 1265) – E

2016 – Along Came Shifty “Let Me Be” (Independent) – E/P/M/MST

2016 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2016 – The Rocking Horse Club “We’ve Been The Rocking Horse Club” – Co-P/E/M

2016 – Carpel “Free Juice” EP – E/M/MST

2016 – Howard Marks Reads Dylan Thomas “Do Not Go Gentle” LP (O Genesis) – M/P

2016 – Yndi Halda “Under Summer” LP (Big Scary Monsters) – E

2017 – BIMM Compilation Album – E/P/M

2018 – Levellers “We The Collective” LP (On The Fiddle Recordings) – E

2018 – Along Came Shifty “The Bees” (Independent) – E/P/M/MST

2019 – Sleeper “Inbetweener” Live At Shepherd’s Bush Empire (Gorsky Records) – M

2019 – Sleeper “The Modern Age” LP (Gorsky Records) – E

2019 – Sleeper “Live At The Ritz” EP (Gorsky Records) – M

2019 – CLT DRP “Speak To My” EP (Independent) – Co-P/E/M/MST

2019 – Yonaka “Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow” LP (Asylum Records) – E

2019 – Barnacles “And So We Begin” LP (Cheeba Cheeba Records) – E

2020 – Levellers “Peace” LP (On The Fiddle Recordings) – E

2020 – David Gedge & Sleeper “Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (Where Its At Is Where You Are) – M

2020 – Amelia Caesar “White Light / Alive” EP (Independent) – E/P/M/MST

2020 – The Wedding Present “Locked Down & Stripped Back” LP (Scopitones) – M

2020 – Sleeper “This Time Tomorrow” LP – Co-M


Toby Intense

I have been a recording engineer for over two decades, cutting my teeth on analogue tape recorders at Metway Studios in Brighton. Standout projects include working with Orbital, Asian Dub Foundation, The Electric Soft Parade, Clearlake, Sleeper, Royal Blood and Metway’s proprietors, Levellers.

I learnt my trade from the ground up, starting out as a tea boy at Metway in 2000 after graduating from Brighton University with a degree in music and visual practice (specialising in computer animation). Since then, I have worked my way up the industry ladder, including engineering jobs at London studios. I learned advanced ProTools editing techniques from Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Killers, Adam Freeland, Stone Lions) early into my career, working on multi-tracks from an array of respected producers including Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters).

2011 saw a new Levellers album “Static On The Airwaves” that was tracked at Sono Studios in the Czech Republic, where I engineered alongside producer Sean Lakeman (Equation, Seth Lakeman).

In between studio sessions, I toured all over the world as the drummer in Clearlake (Domino) including a two-month US trip supporting Franz Ferdinand, The Decemberists and Stereolab. I also spent time at Konk studios in London and Black Box in France making Clearlake’s 2004 album “Amber”. I toured with Evil Nine (Marine Parade) in 2009 as part of the promotion for their critically acclaimed album “They Live”, incorporating a number of European break beat & dance festivals and a headline slot at Glastonbury.


Abbey Road Studios, Studio 2 live room 2017

March 2017 ticked many boxes as a recording engineer with a week at Abbey Road Studios in Studio 2 recording Levellers with the legendary record producer John Leckie (The Stone Roses, Radiohead, The Fall, plus many more) in control of operations. The summer of 2018 saw a new record by 90’s Britpop legends Sleeper that was engineered by myself and whipped into shape by producer supremo, Stephen Street (The Smiths, Morrissey, Blur, The Cranberries, Kaiser Chiefs plus many more).

BIMM Logo New 2019

I have been teaching at BIMM Institute (Brighton) since 2007 and I have made a name for myself not only by delivering both the Studio Recording and Sound Recording Technology modules as a senior lecturer but also by producing some of the college’s finest talent on the annual BIMM Institute compilation album.